Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme run by That Artsy Reader Girl!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is your auto-buy authors, and honestly? I very rarely automatically buy books, even if I like the author–and up until the last year or so, I only really bought books I’d already read, regardless if I liked the series or not.

In fact, even if I liked the series, if I didn’t love all the books, I probably wouldn’t buy it.

Things have changed, and now I have … way too many books and series that I haven’t read before or don’t love. Oops. But there are still authors whose books I buy without a second thought.

Rick Riordan

Image result for heroes of olympus books

Rick Riordan is the only auto-buy author that has stayed so for years. Since The Lost Hero, I’ve bought pretty much every book by him on the day it came out, too impatient to even wait for the book to come in the mail. Most of the time, I’ve skipped classes just to get his books, even all the way back in junior high. And I am definitely getting The Tyrant’s Tomb the day it comes out.

Leigh Bardugo

Image result for leigh bardugo booksOkay, so I’ve actually only auto-bought a Leigh Bardugo book once, and that was King of Scars. (I own The Language of Thorns but I didn’t buy that until later and I still haven’t read it.) After reading Six of Crows, anything by Leigh Bardugo is automatically going on my shelf even though I still don’t yet own the original Grisha Trilogy yet, okay, I am tryingNinth House is definitely an auto-buy book–I will be at the bookstore the second it opens to get my filthy hands on that book.

Cassandra Clare

Image result for the dark artificesI’m not sure if I would automatically buy any the books in The Mortal Instruments, and it did take me quite a while to collect them anyways, but The Dark Artifices and any books about the Blackthorns and Jem Carstairs definitely need to be on my bookshelf the day it comes out.


And, uh, that’s it, folks! Not super exciting! I’m cheap, so getting books for full price the day it comes out usually isn’t my thing–I use the library and Book Outlet a lot to get books, so I’m usually getting books way after they come out. But these are the three authors I make an exception for.

what are your auto-buy authors??


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

  1. Leigh Bardugo is also on my list! I also like to automatically read anything by Rick Riordan, but I never have to worry about my library never ordering copies (and I usually put his books on hold really quickly), so I usually check them out and buy used copies later. Great post!

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