about me

Hiya folks! I’m Jess, a 21-year-old Canadian uni student who’s in love with reading anything I can get my filthy hands on. I also like history. And crows. And terrible jokes.

I will read anything, but right now I’m loving everything that’s coming out in YA fantasy; I also regularly go for contemporary, sci-fi, and historical fiction. I’m also trying to branch out into adult fantasy and the occasional romance these days.

When I’m not reading or in the midst of my studies, I’m probably drinking lattes, playing video games, or looking up the next place to travel to. Or, let’s face it, taking a nap.


5 stars: I loved the book and thought there were nearly no issues / they weren’t enough to interfere with my enjoyment of the book.

4 stars: I really liked reading the book, but I wasn’t completely into it / there were a few minor issues that took away from my enjoyment.

3 stars: This is my default rating and usually means I liked the book but nothing stood out one way or another. I consider 3 stars to be a good rating.

2 stars: I had major issues with the book and didn’t enjoy reading it.

1 star: I very sparingly give one-star ratings. This usually means I hated the book or I had major issues with it that I felt were problematic.