Favourite Books of the Decade

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IT’S THE END OF A DECADE!!! Which is. NUTS. We’re five days into 2020 as I write this and frankly I still can’t fathom that we are in a new decade. Get ready for all the roaring twenties themed parties! Bringing flapper dresses, jazz music, bathtub gin, and the complete loss of faith in American society and the rise of reactionaries back!

Um. Too much?

Anyways, I just wanted to give a list (in no particular order) of my favourite books of the decade. In no particular order, or year–just books I love to death, just the wonderful books of the 2010s that stand out to me. This decade took me through a lot, and in a lot of cases, these are the books that helped me get here today.

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Favourite Books of 2019

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme run by That Artsy Reader Girl.

I genuinely cannot believe??? That it is the end of this year already??? It’s honestly baffling. Not only that, but the end of this DECADE. I cannot believe.

So, alas: here are my top ten favourite books of 2019. It was hard. There were SO MANY amazing books this year.

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Halloween Horror Stories

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Hello! After reading It, I really wanted to throw out some horror recs.

Here’s the thing: despite living with an anxiety disorder, I really don’t scare easily. I once listened to the Russian Sleep Experiment creepypasta to lull myself to sleep. When I go to haunted houses, I’ll gladly go first and my friends try to hide behind me (and they’re all taller than me, so it doesn’t really work). Neither It or It: Chapter Two really fazed me, and when I played Outlast — a horror game known for being terrifying — I smashed through it with barely any fear at all. In the dark. At night.

So: here are some books that even found scary.

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Canadian Reads

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Happy Canada Day, folks!

Today, I just wanted to share some Canadian reads with y’all – a couple recs and a couple that I still need to read.

Honestly, I don’t really read a lot of Canadian literature, especially YA literature? And if I have, it’s not through a Canadian press, because a lot of Canadian authors go through US-centric publishing. Most of the Canadian books I’ve read were for school and very literary/academic fiction, which isn’t really what I like to read.

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7 Books and Musicals That Remind Me of Each Other


It is no secret that my other love is musicals. I adore musicals and theatre, and between books and tickets to shows, my wallet is constantly empty. Oops. But I got to thinking what books I can relate to musicals and vice versa, and now here’s a post.

I have tried to steer away from straight-out adaptations in this post with one exception. also I haven’t read half of these but I’m getting there I promise

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