Top Ten Tuesday: Fall Book Covers

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is fall book covers, which is a really fun topic to get back into the swing of things! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This was actually kind of hard, because I feel like it’s difficult to create imagery evocative of autumn, and it’s not really a season that features heavily in literature? Like. I cycled through so many books like, “Oh, no, that’s definitely more spring/summer/winter” than fall, unless you’re going for spooky/witchy covers, and I’m not a person that really reads witchy books.

clown in a cornfield by adam cesare

Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare

MOM COME PICK ME UP I’M SCARED. This cover gives me fall vibes because reminds me of Halloween and it’s ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. Like. I’m not scared of clowns. IT (2017) was my comfort movie for a solid four months–and the design of this cover definitely pays homage to Stephen King. But this cover makes me think I could be scared of clowns.

cemetery boys by aiden thomas

Cemetery Boys: Thomas, Aiden: 9781250250469: Books -

This is another book that gives me fall vibes simply because it’s spooky. Cemetery Boys has been on my TBR list for so long, and the gorgeous cover definitely helps. The illustration! The gravestones! The giant harvest moon! I love it.

ghost wood song by erica waters

Ghost Wood Song by Erica Waters

Normally flowers connotate spring to me, but wow, Ghost Wood Song somehow seems very fall-like despite it all. It’s the deep reds, greens, and browns, I think. I really love how atmospheric this cover is, and it’s busy and stylistic without being overwhelming.

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plain bad heroines by emily m. danforth


This reminds me of fall because it gives off the dark academia vibes–the cover and the synopsis of the book both. Like Ghost Wood Song, Plain Bad Heroines also features flowers an bees and red, but the style is so different, and I find it really cool? I’m so excited to read Plain Bad Heroines; it sounds so cozy.

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perfect on paper by sophie gonzales Perfect on Paper: A Novel (9781250769787): Gonzales, Sophie:  Books

I don’t really know what about this screams “fall” to me. I think it reminds me of going back to school, and the colours as well. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Sophie Gonzales’s books, so I am excited to curl up and read Perfect on Paper.

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never look back by lilliam rivera


This definitely gives me such calming fall vibes. The colours on Never Look Back are so soft and the illustration really ties it together, and it’s just? Gorgeous. I actually just discovered this book while looking for ~fall books~ and I am judging a book by its cover because this is going straight onto my TBR.

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perfectly preventable deaths by deirdre sullivan

Perfectly Preventable Deaths: 9781471408236: Books -

And back to the spooky book covers! I had to include this book because it absolutely screams fall, looks spooky and dark, and anything with corvids and skulls catches my eye immediately. Plus, Perfectly Preventable Deaths is a small town mystery–with magic!– and those are always fun.

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what are covers that give you fall vibes?

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Fall Book Covers

  1. Holy crap, that cover for Clown in a Cornfield is wonderfully terrifying. And I love the covers for Ghost Wood Song and Perfectly Preventable Deaths, neither of which I’ve read but both of which look beautiful 😀 Can confirm that Plain Bad Heroines has some great dark academia vibes – I really enjoyed it, and I hope you do too!

  2. Theses covers are beautiful. Especially Perfectly Preventable Deaths, which I hadn’t heard of.

  3. I hadn’t heard of Perfectly Preventable Deaths, but that cover is so pretty that I need to add it to my TBR!

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