Favourite Books of 2019

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I genuinely cannot believe??? That it is the end of this year already??? It’s honestly baffling. Not only that, but the end of this DECADE. I cannot believe.

So, alas: here are my top ten favourite books of 2019. It was hard. There were SO MANY amazing books this year.

red, white & royal blue by casey mcquiston

Image result for red white and royal blueI think that Red, White & Royal Blue might be my absolute favourite of this year. I adored it. It was everything I wanted from a romance, and the world that Casey McQuiston shows us in this book is so optimistic in our current political climate. I love Alex Claremont-Diaz, my disaster bisexual, and Prince Henry, who’s the most adorable Prince of England I’ve ever seen. They have such a wonderful relationship, and everything about this book just makes me so damn happy.


the fever king by victoria lee

Image result for the fever kingAnd now for a completely different tone: The Fever King destroyed me. It made me ache in ways I didn’t know a fantasy book could make me hurt. Noam and Dara’s story touched me and tore me apart. Add the worldbuilding and science fantasy to the great writing and characters and you’ve got yourself a truly amazing novel.


the poppy war by r.f. kuang

Image result for the poppy warThis is my most recent read of 2019 to make it onto my favourites list. It feels like I literally just finished it. But The Poppy War might actually be my favourite fantasy book of 2019, just because it was so brilliant. I’d heard so much about it, and it completely lived up to my expectations and more. There’s an incredible, badass, determined protagonist, thoroughly amazing worldbuilding in a world inspired by Chinese history, and so much intelligent discussion about colonialism and war. What more could you want?


the gilded wolves by roshani chokshi

Image result for the gilded wolvesI love ensemble casts and fantasies, and The Gilded Wolves is undoubtedly one of the best. Set in 1880s Paris, the six teens in this story offer such clever banter and shenanigans–it’s just so fun. I loved the setting, and I love the characters, and I love how deftly Chokshi incorporates history into this book, as well as the fact that the cast consists of five people of colour at the height of European colonialism–a story that is very much not told as much as it should be. It’s a fun, clever, and engrossing book, no doubt one of my favourites.


the merciful crow by margaret owen

Image result for the merciful crowThe Merciful Crow honestly took me by surprise, but it was definitely one of my favourite fantasies of the year, if not my favourite YA fantasy. The writing is literally incredible. I cannot stop praising the writing because it’s just so good. The story is absolutely captivating and I slowly fell in love with all the characters, who have a streak of determination a mile wide. I adored this book so much.


into the drowning deep by mira grant

Image result for into the drowning deepInto the Drowning Deep gave me a jumpscare. That’s how engrossed I was in it. I never thought a book about mermaids would make it onto my favourite books list, but this book is genuinely terrifying and such a great read. There’s a diverse ensemble cast that you come to care for and hope they survive, but the real star is the mermaids. Still remember that nightmare I had the first night after I started reading this book.


crier’s war by nina varela

Image result for crier's warCrier’s War is the f/f slow burn enemies to lovers we all needed. Crier and Ayla are a power couple that don’t get the chance to be a power couple, but they have so much chemistry. It’s a political fantasy, too, with intrigue and mystery to keep you engrossed in the book. I genuinely adored this book so much.


queen of air and darkness by cassandra clare

Image result for queen of air and darknessThe conclusion of my favourite Cassandra Clare series absolutely shattered me to pieces. I loved these characters so much, and the Blackthorns are such a tight-knit family with so much love for each other who have had to do so much to survive. It was so lovely to see the conclusion of their stories and everyone’s happy endings, and I’m already excited for The Wicked Powers … three years away …


girls of paper and fire by natasha ngan

Related imageThis is another book that surprised me with how much I loved it. Girls of Paper and Fire is set in a unique world with demons and magic and there’s so much here that broke my heart, yet so much that uplifted me. Lei is such an amazing protagonist and I was very into her story and navigation through the wasp’s nest that is the Demon King’s palace. I haven’t yet read the sequel, Girls of Storm and Shadow, that released this year, but it’s definitely next on my list.


ninth house by leigh bardugo

Image result for ninth houseLeigh Bardugo continues to blow me away with her writing. Six of Crows is, without a doubt, my favourite book of the decade, and even though Ninth House didn’t hit me quite as hard as Six of Crows did (what could?), it was still one of my favourites. It’s a gritty dark academia urban fantasy set in the secret societies of Yale and it’s done so well.


what were your favourites of 2019?? do we share any? any recs i should read??


13 thoughts on “Favourite Books of 2019

  1. Great list!!! So many of my favorites 😍😍😍
    I absolutely adored RWRB, Poppy War and The Merciful Crow and so many more 😊😊

  2. Ahhh yes about Red White & Royal Blue! One of my favorites of the year as well, if not THE favorite. And I also LOVED The Gilded Wolves and Ninth House. Both of their sequels need to come out ASAP!

    1. Oh, I know right, RWRB was so incredible it might even make it onto my favourites of the decade??? And I can’t want for The Silvered Serpents, I have an ARC sitting in my Kindle app but it doesn’t come out until SEPTEMBER so I’m waiting.

  3. Fantastic list, Jess! I’m 100% with you on The Merciful Crow (THAT PROSE THOUGH), GoPaF, and Crier’s War! I also have copies of Into the Drowning Deep and The Gilded Wolves to read, and you’re just making me even more convinced I need to bump them up my TBR. 👀 Of course ITDD is Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire, so I was going to bump that up anyway. She’s just incredible.

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