Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Have Used As Bookmarks

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme run by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Today’s topic is “Favourite Bookmarks,” but look, see. I don’t have a favourite bookmark. I guess my favourite bookmark would be the one I bought of my favourite painting from the Louvre when I was 16, but truth be told, I haven’t used that as a bookmark. I lose bookmarks, dammit, and that’s my souvenir from Paris.

Instead, I’ve embraced my chaotic neutral nature and want to talk about the things I’ve used as a bookmark. If it’s vaguely flat, it can be a bookmark, don’t @ me.


Receipts are some of my favourite bookmarks because they always seem to be lying around.

business cards

Again, some of my favourite things. So convenient. I always seem to have them lying around so I’ll just stick them in my book.

paint chips

You know those paint chips you get at the hardware store? They are SUCH GOOD BOOKMARKS. I have soooo many of them and they look cute too. Just punch a hole in them and attach a ribbon and you’ve got yourself a cute bookmark that you don’t have to stress about losing.

a $20 bill

Don’t use money as bookmarks, kids. You’ll forget you used it as a bookmark and leave it in the library book and only remember once you’re dumping it down the chute. Press F in the chat for 15-year-old me.

my credit card

You think I’d learn not to use money as bookmarks??? At least I’ve never lost my credit card to this, but it’s probably just a better idea to only use credit cards as bookmarks when you reaaaaaally have no other choice.

my cell phone

The one thing I always have on my person is my phone, so I’ll stick it inside my book, and it’s a pretty easy way to carry my two essentials around.


I also use pens as bookmarks a lot!


Chopstick wrappers, sticks of gum, granola bars … all of which has served as a bookmark.

my fingers

Admittedly, this only works for short-term bookmarks, but I’ll hold my book with my fingers jammed in there to keep my place.

other books

In a pinch, if I have two books with me, I can … simply … use the other book as a bookmark for the book I am reading. Problem solved!


what’s the weirdest thing you’ve used as a bookmark??


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Have Used As Bookmarks

  1. my favorite bookmark is whatever i can get my hands on at the time. i’ve used pillows and scissors as (temporary) bookmarks before so dsnkdnsk. i also love laying the book open face down too! no bookmarks needed! (i actually have a lot of bookmarks bc i collect them… i always forget to use them tho dsdnsk)

  2. Yep, not ashamed to admit I’ve used most of these 😂 I think my weirdest one was a sprig of rosemary! Worked surprisingly well though, and smelt lovely…

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