Halloween Horror Stories

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Hello! After reading It, I really wanted to throw out some horror recs.

Here’s the thing: despite living with an anxiety disorder, I really don’t scare easily. I once listened to the Russian Sleep Experiment creepypasta to lull myself to sleep. When I go to haunted houses, I’ll gladly go first and my friends try to hide behind me (and they’re all taller than me, so it doesn’t really work). Neither It or It: Chapter Two really fazed me, and when I played Outlast — a horror game known for being terrifying — I smashed through it with barely any fear at all. In the dark. At night.

So: here are some books that even found scary.


Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant

Image result for into the drowning deepWhen I think about good horror novels, this is the book that immediately springs to mind. The day after I started this book, I had a nightmare about killer mermaids, which is really all you need to know. This story is truly scary because it takes the fear of the unknown, the dark, of small spaces, and flesh-eating monsters, and mashes it all up into one terrifying tale. The opening is delightfully gory and horrifying, and there’s one scene that sent chills down my spine. I’m having second thoughts about going on a cruise my family booked solely because of this book, and I know that killer mermaids don’t exist.


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Image result for frankenstein coverMary Shelley, the original horror-slash-scifi author we all love! I have to put it on here; Frankenstein is gothic horror at its finest, one man’s descent into madness as he tests the limits of science.


Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Image result for unwind neal shustermanI haven’t actually read this book, but the premise sends chills down my spine. Oh, there’s one scene I have read, and it’s why I didn’t read the rest: spoiler alert, there’s a scene where a character describes the process of unwinding as they’re being unwound, and it terrified me to my core.


Pitch Dark by Courtney Alameda

27414411This book feels like Uncharted meets Dead Space and it’s terrifying. Set on a spaceship with failing power and monstrous alien creatures, it’s a survival horror book at its core. It’s gruesome and tense, and reminds you that there is little scarier than the nothingness of space. 

(Also the characters are based on Nathan Drake and Lara Croft which is just. So cool.)


Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Image result for sharp objects coverThere’s an argument to be made that Sharp Objects is, in part, horror, and I’m going to make it. The book takes on elements from the Southern Gothic genre, as well as the horrors of abusive family relationships, for a book that gets truly creepy in the quietest and most subtle ways.

I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone: it’s a book that absolutely burrows into your mind and contains quite a few triggers. But it’s excellent.


what are some scary horror novels??


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