Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases of the Second Half of 2019

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme run by That Artsy Reader Girl!

First of all: New graphics! Again! Mostly because I wanted to procrastinate writing my papers. Whoops.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is the most anticipated books of the second half of 2019. So I have five of them, purely because in between smashing out history papers I’ve got no time and also carpal tunnel.

ninth house by leigh bardugo

Honestly will I ever shut up about this book? Probably not. This has literally everything I am excited for and at this point I’ve yakked about Ninth House enough and there’s still a good four months to go, please help.

Anyway. Dark academia. Secret societies. I am so excited.

the tyrant’s tomb by rick riordan

Image result for the tyrant's tomb

Listen, okay, I am a Card-Carrying Reyna Ramirez-Arellano Stan and we get to see her again after, what … four years? Just look at her on this cover. I love it already.

This is probably also my most dreaded book of 2019, if y’all know what happened at the end of The Burning Maze. Oof. Just. Oof.

the downstairs girl by stacey lee

Image result for the downstairs girl cover

Stacey Lee’s historical fiction always just seems to get me. Not only do I love reading about Chinese girls in American history, but her protagonists are also ones I can relate to on a deeply personal level regarding Chinese diaspora.

Plus, this book sounds so exciting. An underground journalist accidentally getting involved in criminal activities? Yes, please! And that cover is unbelievably gorgeous.

I have no doubt The Downstairs Girl will be just as excellent as Lee’s other historical fiction.

war girls by tochi onyebuchi


Yes, hi, I just want to say I am absolutely so here for the new wave of sci-fi/dystopian/post-apocalyptic fiction that centres marginalized voices and non-Western settings.

War Girls sounds like exactly everything I want from a dystopian. Cyborgs and technology. A post-apocalypse of climate change and nuclear warfare. And interesting sibling relationships, which is always something that intrigues me.

Also: COVER.

crier’s war by nina varela

Image result for crier's warI heard fantasy slow burn F/F enemies to lovers and I was sold already, okay, yes please and thank you, onto my bookshelf right now.

And then I opened up my ARC of Crier’s War and saw the dedication: “For the queer readers. You deserve every adventure.” And, gosh, that lit a fire in my cold little heart and made me tear up. And then I turned to the next page and saw a whole lore timeline, so yeah, I’m definitely here for this book, because I’m a sucker for complicated lore.


what are your most anticipated books of the rest of 2019??


31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases of the Second Half of 2019

  1. Crier’s War!!! I’m so excited about it as well!!!! (also, I adore your new graphics! The color scheme is so pretty!)

  2. I’ve got an ARC of The War Girls, and yes, yes, yes to everything you said! That pretty much sums up why I just had to read it. 😀 I hadn’t heard of it, but Crier’s War sounds pretty great, too. I’ll have to add that to my TBR!

    Here’s my TTT post.

  3. I’m anticipating all of these as well!! Ninth House is by Leigh Bardugo so of course I’m sold, but the premise sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted at the same time. I’m also really excited to see LB write something that isn’t YA because I feel like she could go way darker and destroy me in new ways, and I’m so here for it. Reyna is such an underappreciated character, honestly. I was a stan since she was introduced in Son of Neptune, and I’m currently not caught up with The Trials of Apollo, but now I kind of want to be just so that i can find out what happened at the end of The Burning Maze 🤔 I’ve been meaning to try a Stacey Lee book for such a long time now, and I can’t wait to read her work, especially now when you talked about how u can relate to her protagonists as a chinese girl. I already loved War Girls’ cover, but after the controversy about poc girls with weapons on covers, I loved it even more! Plus, the premise is super intriguing. And I got an arc of Crier’s War too, and I haven’t opened it yet shame on me. The things you mentioned sound so amazing though, and I can’t wait to get to my arc as soon as possible!

    1. I mean, Leigh Bardugo wrote Kaz Brekker and his entire story was horrifically dark, so I’m really excited for how dark NH is going to get because I am into that.
      I love Reyna SO. MUCH. If you’re curious, definitely read ToA but bring tissues because Rick Riordan pulled out all the stops for that one. Oof.
      I missed the controversy about poc girls with weapons? Sounds like white nonsense tbh we need all the POC girls with all the weapons looking badass on covers.
      I opened my ARC of Crier’s War just to make sure it worked but I haven’t actually started reading yet and I reallllly need to get on that but so many books help

  4. I am really excited about Ninth House too– even before I read the information. I just saw Leigh Bardugo and was excited!! 😂 but the premise does sound great as well!!
    And Crier’s War sounds amazing and that dedication 😍 wow!! And a timeline– yes. I was just saying how I wished more books had timelines!!
    So many great books 😍

    1. I know, Leigh Bardugo had me sold from the beginning? I had it on my TBR even before I knew anything about it oops sorry I Stan.
      I really love it when fantasy worlds have lore and timelines and maps and stuff, it makes the world so much more detailed and real!

  5. NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT NINTH HOUSE. Honestly, never shut up about it!!! GET LOUDER. In all sincerity, I need it yesterday and I’m SO EXCITED I can barely contain it. I was going to bust into song with I’m SO EXCITED but I decided to try and keep the freak under-wraps today. I feel like Bardugo just keeps getting better and I have this really intense feeling that she is going to outdo herself with Ninth House and I’M ABSOLUTELY UNABLE TO FIND ANY CHILL ABOUT IT. But! Yes! That is definitely in the top 20 for me.

    Also, I just started reading Riordan more this year (I know I’m late) but I’m SO EXCITED FOR MORE BY HIM.

    Great picks! I hope you enjoy them when you get the chance to read/they are released!

    1. I’M SO GLAD TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE PUMPED ABOUT NINTH HOUSE. I genuinely cannot remember the last time I was this excited for a book and I’m already hearing so much about it?

      And yes I’m glad you like Riordan!! He’s one of my favourite authors since I was a kid ☺️

  6. I LOVE THAT THE BLOGGER COMMUNITY IS JUST COLLECTIVELY NOT SO PATIENTLY AWAITING NINTH HOUSE. It’s going to be massive when the book comes out and I can already imagine all the bloggers just one after another posting their review/thoughts on the book. It’s going to overflow and overrun the community and I’m excited and ready and already part of the hype squad.

  7. I’m looking forward to all of these although I somehow haven’t actually read a book by Rick Riordan yet I honestly do plan to soon! Ninth House is definitely my most anticipated on here though (: and then I’m also super desperate to read Queen Of Nothing, The Beautiful and Serpent & Dove.

      1. I really do plan to. I’ve actually got the first Percy Jackson book I just need to read it. No idea how I haven’t gotten to it yet. I hope you love Wicked King just as much when you get around to it (: and Queen Of Nothing too 😀

  8. I’m so far behind in Rick Riordan books I literally haven’t read one since 2017 I think :/ But if you’re saying Reyna (the queen TM) is gonna be back I think I 100% need to catch up.

    1. Admittedly he is VERY prolific so it’s understandable. I think he’s only released one book since then, so you didn’t miss much! But I hope you get to TBM because it’s one of the best since House of Hades, imo.

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