Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Do Outrageous Things For


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Hiya folks! Today’s prompt is actually the outrageous things we do for our book habit, but since I am very boring and the only outrageous thing I do is spend an inordinate amount of money on books, I’m going to talk about some books I’d murder do outrageous things for.

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Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

I’ve heard an IMMENSE amount of things about Red, White & Royal Blue, but I didn’t get an advanced copy. I’m definitely going to be buying this when it comes out because it looks so good. Verdict: would offer my actual heart for this book.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

Look, one of my favourite tropes in books is the Dark Academia one: secret societies, murder, academic cults. Ninth House already sounds like everything I want and it’s written by Leigh Bardugo to boot. I’m ready for more dark academia, and I’m ready for Leigh Bardugo’s gorgeous writing in adult fiction. Verdict: would join a cult for this book.

The Tyrant’s Tomb (Trials of Apollo #4) by Rick Riordan

I know this one’s not getting any advanced copies, especially after the events of The Burning Maze. The wait for The Tyrant’s Tomb is particularly painful because usually the Riordanverse books come out a year apart–this one’s a year and a half in the making. I’ve been getting the Trials of Apollo books every May, but I have to wait until October! Verdict: would get stabbed by Roman emperors for this book.

We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal

This is another book I’ve heard a lot about. I have it preordered, but it’s still a month away and I want to read it soooo badly, but neither Netgalley nor Edelweiss have made it available in my region. From the preview of the book I’m drawn in by the gorgeous writing and the characters seem so fascinating and the worldbuilding looks incredible. Verdict: would step inside a fireplace for this book.

Wilder Girls by Rory Power

I’m gonna say it again: I’ve heard amazing things about this book. Look at how gorgeous this cover is! I’m also really fascinated with the body horror and gore that’s advertised in this book because I love creepy stuff like this. Wilder Girls sounds right up my alley and I can’t wait to read it. Verdict: would suffer through body horror for this book.

Six of Crows #3 by Leigh Bardugo

When Leigh Bardugo said that a third Six of Crows was possible and even planned, I screamed. The Six of Crows series is my favourite and I adore all the characters so much, especially Kaz Brekker. I miss my murder son. I miss all my murder children. Seeing Nina in King of Scars was amazing, but I miss Inej, Wylan, and Jesper too. Verdict: would pull out some eyeballs for this book. Or have my own eyeball pulled out.

The Wicked Powers #1 by Cassandra Clare

Kit, Ty, and Dru were three of my favourite characters in The Dark Artifices and I did not get enough of them, especially when their stories ended like That. It makes sense that their stories ended in such an unfulfilling manner if they’re having a whole series to themselves, but I stay mad because I love these characters so much. I miss Ty Blackthorn most of all. He means so much to me and I want to finally be able to read from his POV. But it’s. Three. Years. Away. 2022. 2022. Verdict: would literally get killed by demons if it meant I could read this book.


What are some books you’d do ridiculous things for?


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Do Outrageous Things For

  1. Bahaha ok you win the net today. I loved this. I would do some pretty crazy stuff to get my hands on The Ninth House I think. I’m dying to read Wilder Girls and We Hunt the Flame as well, so I get it lol

    1. Haha thank you! Ninth House is definitely my most anticipated of this list but it’s sooo far away lol

  2. I love your take on this theme! I’d do some questionable things for an early copy of Wilder Girls too. That cover is art and it sounds so creepy and wonderful.

    1. Thank you! Wilder Girls has one of the most gorgeous, creepy covers I’ve seen lately.

  3. I’ve read We Hunt the Flame and Wilder Girls already but I’d definitely do the same for the chance to read them again for the first time lmao

    1. I would do some Things to read a lot of books again for the first time tbh

  4. Omg yessss, I need Red, White and Royal Blue right now! And Ninth House omg. I would totally join a cult to get my hands on that book 🙃 And ughhhhh SoC #3 not being out rn should be a crime. I miss my favourites so much 😭 Speaking of which, everything you said about TWP is an entire mood. Like, after QoAaD and That ending, a little piece of my soul shrivels up and dies every day I don’t have the first book in my hands (so ummm I’ll probably be dead before it comes out because 2022 is so far away😩).

    1. I miss Kit and Dru and Ty soooo much because that ending was just. Brutal. I felt so satisfied with everyone else EXCEPT for these three and I feel like I’m crawling up the walls waiting for it because it’s just. SO FAR AWAY.

      1. Yes EXACTLY. Everyone’s endings were perfect, and then there was Ty and Kit and Dru, who’s endings literally had me throwing the book across the room (I’m not even kidding, there’s an actual dent in the corner of my book now, whoops 😆). But 2022 is like a LIFETIME away ughhhhh

  5. I would definitely do outrageous things like join a cult or pluck someone’s eyes out for Ninth House and a new SoC book. But that’s normal, that’s sane, right??? Ehehe…
    Leigh Bardugo owns me, I guess.

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